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You Haven’t Been Challenged…Yet…

The App(ugh)lachian Race Series Story…

The App(ugh)lachian Race Series was born out of a desire to provide an incredibly memorable experience in the heart of App(ugh)lachia. It’s probably not like anything you’ve ever done before. Hell, it’s probably not like anything you’ve ever even heard of before. It goes where no other race has gone before, and it goes about it like no other race has tried before.

It’s basically the best damn weekend you’ve never had.

The only thing required of the participant themselves is a desire to venture into the unknown. The unknown out here and the unknown within. What that means, is that, in this race series you have to be willing to go higher, and possibly further than you have before; but mostly higher. It’s as much a race against others as it is a challenge to see what all is out here and in you.

Are you ready? Are you App(ugh)lachian?

It’s not just about challenging yourself, though, it’s also about getting a full cultural emersion in App(ugh)lachia. The participants in this race series will do, see, eat, and drink all things App(ugh)lachia. Our local sponsors have helped us give you a full experience within the races. We’re even a certified Virginia Green event by the Virginia Dept. of Tourism.

Honestly, we don’t know what you’ll remember more, the mountains you have to climb, or the indulgences you’ll find here.

Either way, it’s a win, win.

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A portion of all proceeds benefits Appalachian Sustainable Development. ASD is the leader in promoting sustainable agriculture and food access in our region.