First Race Coming October 2017!



Be One Of The Firsts To Help Us Build A New App(ugh)lachian Race Community!

Mark your calendars now for October 6-8,2017

The App(ugh)lachian Race Series Is For:

  1. People who signed up for a mud run and were disappointed when they weren’t challenged.
  2. Anyone needing an excuse to do something different and test themselves.
  3. Those who want to see a place in it’s rawest form.
  4. People who think Appalachia is pronounced Appa-lay-shuh. (We are not friends)
  5. Those who like to suffer with others. (We could be friends)
  6. Anyone who’s never been to Southwest Virginia (not the same place as West Virginia), Northeast Tennessee, or Western Carolina. Or, anyone who has and thinks it’s just hillbillies and NASCAR.
  7. The voice inside you that says it’s had enough of the desk job, the cubical, the city, the florescent lights, the monotony, and everything else you weren’t built to do.
  8. All the badasses on social media. (I want to see you suffer)
  9. Appalachians. Duh.
  10. YOU.

Want To Know More? Check Out Our About Page!

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