The App(ugh)lachian Race Series was born out of a desire to provide an incredibly memorable experience in the heart of App(ugh)lachia. It’s probably not like anything you’ve ever done before. Hell, it’s probably not like anything you’ve ever even heard of before. It goes where no other race has gone before, and it goes about it in a whole new way.

It’s basically the best damn weekend you’ve never had!

All other races can be planned for, prepped for, and even done beforehand. This one cannot. This one guarantees you a unique experience in App(ugh)lachia, one where you get to experience it all as it unfolds.

You see, we take participants on courses no other race has done before, and we don’t allow for any of our participants to know where the races are going to be beforehand.

This makes sure the race is challenging, that there’s an even playing field amongst competitors, and that participants all get to experience something totally new together. Sure, we’ll tell participants about how far the races are, in what city they are located in, and what type of event each will be (bike, run, hike, etc.), but that’s all they get to know before the pre-race meeting.

We believe there’s only so much of a challenge, or an experience, that can be had from running a 5k that you can drive the route of beforehand, or doing an obstacle race with obstacles you know about, or riding a Strava bike segment over an over again to get the best time. This race series is more like real life than all that. In fact, it is a representation of life, and the beauty that comes with venturing into the unknown.

If you want to truly live, and experience life to it’s fullest, this race series is for you. If you need to be in control of everything, and you need to know everything beforehand, this race series is not for you.

This race series isn’t just about being challenged though, it’s also about getting a full cultural emersion in App(ugh)lachia. The participants in this race series will do, see, eat, and drink all things App(ugh)lachia. Our local sponsors have helped us ensure that.

We want to display App(ugh)lachia in such a way that everyone will find a home away from home in App(ugh)lachia. You’ll make friends with the people you meet in the races, and you’ll discover things in App(ugh)lachia, and in you, that are worth coming back for.

Honestly, we don’t know what you’ll remember more, the mountains you’ll have to climb, or the people and places you’ll get to see while you’re here.

Either way, it’s a win, win.

Still not sure you understand what we’re all about? Visit our Not So FAQ page or email our race director at

ALL PROFITS benefit our partners Appalachian Sustainable Development, so consider it a good deed and providing a great help to the future of App(ugh)lachia.