Not So FAQ

You might have some wtf’s about this race…

Here’s a few answers to some of those.

Not So FAQ About The Race

Do I have to do all the events in a race?

– No. The money all goes to help increase access to healthy food in our region (, so if you want to sign up for a race and only do one event (bike, hike, or run) that’s your choice. You’ll still get to do the dos and swag the swag.

Do I have to complete the first event in order to do the second?

– No. We have time restraints only to make sure you earn the title “App(ugh)lachian” in most events.  However, we would never want anyone to miss out on all the fun to be had in App(ugh)lachia, so you get to do all events no matter your time is in the first one. Most people will not make the cut off times for “App(ugh)lachian” in an event at a race, but all get to experience something truly unique and enjoyable together.

What if I don’t have a road or mountain bike and want to do the road or mountain bike race?

– Well, you’re welcome to use whatever kind of bike you can get ahold of, but you will wish it was a road or mountain bike. There are some bike rental companies around town that have mountain bike rentals, but you may want to start craigslisting or ebaying for a bike now. See each race for specific bike details.

Why can’t we know more about the races?

– Ah, the type A dilemma. Well, pretty much every other single race out there allows you to know everything about it, and to almost experience it before hand, but not this one. This one will be a unique experience. One that you get to share with others as it unfolds. It is designed to be a metaphoric representation of life. Life doesn’t care about your plans, and it’s silly to think you can plan for it all. Life is all about how you handle the unplanned. Either you’re up to the task or you’re not. Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to do anything too crazy in these races. You just pretty much have to run, hike, or bike, and you already know those distances, so why not sign up?!

Will there be obstacles?

– As of now, no. The courses themselves will be obstacle enough.

How much of the money goes to ASD?

– All of it. Well, all of the profits that is. What other race can say that?

Why aren’t some of the race events all in one day?

– So for certain races that are spread out over the course of a weekend, we probably could combine it all into one day, but then it’d be frantic trying to get from one place to another. The events in a race are always at different locations, so it would be hard to do it all in one day for some races. Besides, the point of this race series isn’t just to have a physical experience outdoors, but to allow you to have the time, and the freedom, to enjoy other aspects of App(ugh)lachia too.

Have other thoughts or questions?

– Email our race director @