Official race photography provided by Rachael Wilbur Photography in Meadowview, VA. Website Facebook @rachaelwphotography


Rachael is the best at capturing the raw battles in the races and within the participants themselves. Unfortunately, due to our desire to keep our locations a secret to future competitors, we do not publicly publish photos from our races. However, each year we do share a few of those that we deem ‘UGH Hall of Fame/Shame’ worthy and hand out an ‘UGH’ trophy to the participant who suffers the most. Enjoy!


ugh trophy


(This photo about sums up why he won the ‘UGH Trophy’)


(It’s not the bike’s fault if you stop)


(Even those who later get named App(ugh)lachian feel the ‘UGH’)


(The struggle is real)


(The ole side stitch)

Day2-75 (1)

(To go on, or not to go on, that is the question)

jonathans pace data

(Gee, I wonder what happened around 49 mins in?)

josh h ugh

(Perfect form)

stoney ugh

(Almost done, literally)

jake ugh


ugh face

(Show me your ‘UGH’ face)

If you’d like to be a part of the UGH Hall of Fame/Shame, be sure to sign up for our next race!

Side Note: Last five photos taken by volunteers. Also, there are female participants, but apparently they hide their suffering a little bit better than the men. If you’re a female, please sign up and do your best to join the UGH Hall of Fame/Shame at our next race.

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