Planning Your Trip

Keeping it Local

At App(ugh)lachia, we strive to support the beautiful community we live in, and we encourage you to do the same. Avoid the same old interstate exits when you visit, and enjoy the truly App(ugh)lachian experiences listed below instead.

Be Sure To Include Some Of These Stops During Your Stay:

Western Front Hotel – St. Paul, VA

In + Forbes – St. Paul, VA


Sugar Hill Brewing Co. – St. Paul, VA

Clinch River – St. Paul, VA

clinch river photo

Clinch Life Outfitters – St Paul, VA

Clinch Life

Lay’s Hardware Center – Coeburn, VA

Spearhead Trails – Multiple Locations in Southwest Virginia

Over 400 miles of trail open to ATV’s, mountain bikes, and hikers in SWVA.

Virginia Creeper Trail – Abingdon/Damascus, VA

Sugar Hollow Campground/Park – Bristol, VA


Harvest Table Restaurant – Meadowview, VA


White Birch Juice Co. – Abingdon, VA

Blue Hills Market – Abingdon, VA


Barter Theatre – Abingdon, VA


Martha Washington Inn – Abingdon, VA


Emory & Henry College – Emory, VA

Lavelle Manufacturing/Lavelle Denim – Glade Spring, VA

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.54.44 PM

Zazzy’z Coffee  – Abingdon, VA

Abingdon Farmers Market – Abingdon, VA


Southwest Virginia Cultural Center – Abingdon, VA


William King Art Museum – Abingdon, VA


The Tavern – Abingdon, VA


Carter Family Fold (old time music) – Hiltons, VA


Birthplace of Country Music Museum – Bristol, VA


Paramount Theater – Bristol, TN

Benjamin Walls Fine Art Gallery – Bristol, VA

Kil’n Time – Bristol, TN

Pointer Brand – Bristol, TN

Mountain Sports Ltd – Bristol, VA

Bristol Hotel – Bristol, VA

South Holston Dam/Lake – Abingdon, VA/Bristol, VA/Bristol, TN


South Holston River/South Holston River Company (2014 Orvis Endorsed Guide of the Year)

soho river co

Blackbird Bakery – Bristol, VA

Steele Creek Park – Bristol, TN

Bristol Slogan Sign – Bristol, VA/TN


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